Canoe at Auburn Bay: November 2015 Construction Update

The Canoe at Auburn Bay site is looking great and keeps getting better! Here is an update on what’s been happening throughout the month:

East Wing

  • 4th floor is 90% drywalled with dropped ceilings and bulkheads being framed.
  • 3rd floor is 80% insulated with drywall starting in units.
  • 2nd floor insulation will start next week.
  • Siding along the front side of the building is in progress.

West Wing

  • Decks are being completed and the shingles are completed.
  • Plumbers are working on the 3rd and 4th floors.
  • Electricians have started rough ins on the 1st floor.


The parkade is currently being painted.

Want to live in Auburn Bay and be a part of our amazing development? Come visit us at 103 Auburn Meadows Dr SE, or give us a call at 403-536-7282.

Tara @Canoe