Canoe at Auburn Bay: Patio Gardens

With spring in full bloom, the gardening season has started!

You don’t need a yard to take advantage of growing some of your own vegetables. If you live in a condo and have a patio, you can grow some of your own fresh organic produce.

There are plenty of vegetables and herbs you can grow on your patio.  When looking to grow vegetables, you should plan to spend some time figuring out how many hours of sunshine you get per day on your patio. Some areas might have full sun, partial sun or shade. The same patio could have full sun in one area and partial in another and this is important to investigate when deciding what vegetables to grow and where to place them.

After you have figured out what type of sun you get, either do some online research for suggested vegetables or go directly into your local seed supplier. On the seed packets you will find some basic instructions regarding how to plant and what type of exposure they need. Here are some suggested container vegetables and herbs, along with the type of sun exposure they require.

Full sun – 6-8 hours

How to grow beans

How to grow zucchini

How to grow tomatoes

How to grow basil

How to grow cucumbers

Partial sun – 4-6 hours

How to grow beets

How to grow mint

How to grow carrots

How to grow peas

How to grow onions

Light shade – 2-4 hours

How to grow arugula

How to grow kale

How to grow garlic

How to grow spinach

How to grow lettuce

For those of you with a green thumb, this should be no problem. However, if this is your first time at container gardening or gardening in general, start out with a few staples that you love and go from there. You will find a lot of different information regarding gardening online , but I would suggest looking into gardening tips for Calgary’s climate as this will assist in what you choose to grow.

Here are a few links with some tips and tricks for gardening in Calgary:

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Good luck and enjoy the vegetables of your labour 🙂

Until next time,

Amanda @ Canoe

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