Canoe at Auburn Bay: Stampede Pancake Breakfast

Stampede season is here what does that mean? 10 days the wardrobe changes, tourists come in to the city full force and the environment of Calgary changes to nothing but country smiles.

With Stampede also comes the much anticipated and sought out free pancake breakfasts. These breakfasts are anything from a small church event, to a huge tent event downtown Calgary and everything in between. You could easily attend a pancake breakfast all 10 days of stampede, it just takes a little searching.

For those living in the great community of Auburn Bay your pancake breakfast is being held Saturday July 9th at 9am. For all the event details please visit the Event information page.

For other pancake breakfast dates and times around the city, check out the Calgary Stampede Breakfast Calendar.

Happy and safe Stampeding in 2016!

Until next time,

Amanda @Canoe

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