Canoe at Auburn Bay: Throwing a House Warming Party!

Canoe homeowners have been moving in since July 14th. This is such an exciting time and whether it’s a first, second or third home…it’s always nice to show off our new purchase to friends and family. Here are some of our ideas for your Housewarming Party!

Housewarming Brunch

Ideally hosted on a Saturday or Sunday around 11am.

So what do you serve up?


A few weekend drinks that everyone is sure to love is a good Caesar or Mimosa. Make a station for one or both. Put the glasses out for the Caesars along with all the fixings. Check out this link on what makes a great Caesar! For the Mimosa station you could pre pour the champagne into the glasses and have a carafe with some orange juice with ice and a few little bowls with some fixings, like cherry’s, strawberries etc. Here is a link to some more Mimosa ‘how to’ details.


First off you need some sort of pastry. If cooking is not your forte, no problem, head over to your local grocery store and pick up some fresh pastries or throw some Pillsbury crescent rolls or other goodies onto a baking sheet and in to the oven. This will also make your home smell so scrumptious!

That takes care of the sweet side, now you need some salt.

If you want to spend more time hanging out with your guests and less time cooking, make a breakfast casserole. There are tons of recipes out there and even some that you can make ahead and throw in the oven an hour or so before your guests arrive. Another good option to have alongside your pastries and main dish would be some fruit cups. Something for your guests to munch on is always important.

Dunch! (Is that word?)

If dinner is more your thing, don’t worry, there are plenty of options for creating a menu that is easy and that everyone will love. For the drinks, since it’s dinner, have a few bottles of red and white wine on hand. If you know what your guests like you can try to accommodate them. However, remember that it is totally okay to ask people to bring what they want to drink. For some dinner menu ideas, my go to is Pinterest!


Wanting to do something with a little more party feel? Host a late night gathering with music, drinks and appetizers. For the drink you can do a punch bowl beverage and for food have a mixture of easy grab foods. Chips and dips, meatballs, charcuterie board, bread and balsamic vinegar etc. Or for super easy, order up a few pizzas, because who doesn’t love a pizza party?


Having planned many events in my time, from weddings to house parties,I know the importance of having activities for guests. Here are a few of my favorite party games and activities.

Have an area that turns into a selfie photo booth. You see them at lots of events and they always encourage a good time. You can simply pin a piece of fabric against one wall, or put a bunch of balloons in one spot and go to the dollar store and pick up some fun accessories. From feather boas, fun hats, sunglasses etc. At Michaels and other stores you can find really cool kits for photo booth accessories.

A game that always comes out at my parties is Heads Up. This is an app on your phone which is free, however for a small amount you can purchase extra categories. This is a game created by Ellen DeGeneres and it’s fun and addicting for all ages.

Jenga. You can use it as a double whammy. After everyone signs a piece set it up and start playing. This is also a good game that people can come and go from.

Texas Holdem is always a great “sit around the table” game and its not only for men, woman love a little poker as well.

Okay, I could keep going with ideas all day, but what I would suggest is to come up with a date and time and “theme” then go to Pinterest. Or just google”House Warming Party” and you will get food ideas, drinks, games, gifts, etc.

So start pinning and start planning. And have fun! 🙂

Amanda @Canoe


Photo Cred:
Joe Shlabotnik
Marnie Joyce
Pauline Kletti
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