Canoe at Auburn Bay: Your property value is on its way up!

With the price of oil dropping and many people losing their jobs it may be surprising to some that there you are still seeing quite a bit of activity in Calgary due to so many other industries coming in to Calgary during the oil boom. Builders are still building, businesses are still opening up, and people are still buying homes, whether it’s downsizers, renters ready to buy their first home or move out of their parents or investors looking to expand their portfolio.

Regardless of who you are and what your reason for buying a home, there are things to look at when buying that will ensure your property value stays around the same without risk of dropping, or even better, things to look at that will help to increase your property value, adding equity in to your home that you didn’t have to pay for.

Here are a few things that are happening right now in Auburn Bay and with Avi Urbans project Canoe.

First off we have completed Canoe and are just working on some final touch ups. We have 158 units with most buyers now having moved in and getting settled. We currently have a small number of units left, and something for everyone. From 2 different styles of 1 bedrooms, 1 bedroom and dens and 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms. Our prices start under $200,000.00!

Now lets talk property value and what makes Canoe, the building and the location, ideal to invest in.

One thing that increases property value and any realtor will agree is curb appeal! You need to have a good feeling walking up to a home. Because lets admit, most will judge a book by its cover. Well have you seen Canoe? This building is gorgeous and unique and it’s not just me saying this, it’s one of the biggest complements we have been receiving from our buyers. From the oversized windows, to the color scheme, landscaping and more, you cannot deny that this building gives you a good feeling walking up to it.


Have you been to Auburn Bay?

Lets talk access: First of all you can get to the community by major roads like Deerfoot, 52nd, and Stoney Trail. So no matter where you are off to you have some good options of getting there in a timely manner.

Amenities: Well you don’t have to really worry about driving too much because you are less then a 5 minute drive from pretty much every need. First off it’s a lake community which holds so much value just in that and as an Auburn Bay home owner you have access to that lake and all the amenities that come with it. Second there is a brand new state of the art Hospital a 2 minute drive away and next to that hospital are restaurants, grocery stores, gas station, coffee shops, a hotel and more.

So maybe driving to get groceries and other day to day stuff isn’t your favorite and you want walking distance, well some good news there. Construction is coming along incredibly right behind Canoe. We are going to see Co-Op open up, Co-Op Gas Bar, Co-Op Wine and Spirits, Tim Hortons, Dominos Pizza, a restaurant, vet, spa, medical clinic and more. Talk about convenience!

Parks and schools: There is an incredible park just out front of our building and 2 blocks away one of the three schools in Auburn Bay has just opened up!

Transportation: Right now there is a bus station just outside the building on 52nd to take you direct to the train station if getting inner city is what you need, however the green line is slated to be up and running in about 5 years. The closer that gets the more you will see your property value go up.

Other future projects that are going to increase property value is Seton Blvd which is where the South Hospital is located. This is planned to be a ‘mini downtown’, with high rises, Costco, Theatre and more. Setons plan includes over 2 and a half million sqft. of office and retail space, a 16 acre park and more.

Another factor in property value increase is Lifestyle. Well based on all that info clearly the Auburn Bay lifestyle will be a desire of most!

Amanda @ Canoe