Canoe at Auburn Bay: Meet Taylor and Bryanne!

Meet Taylor Daniels & Bryanne!

Proud new owners of the 2 bed 2 bath Corner A2 (I think…or is it just a corner A? Either way…we own it!)

Favorite thing about Auburn Bay or the SE? There is just something about Southside living. We love Auburn Bay for its escape from the city, and the vacation in our own community!


Why you chose to call Canoe your home? We were looking for something that offered value, luxury, and affordability; but ultimately fit every aspect of what our lifestyle is, and what we want it to be! Canoe ticked all of the Boxes 🙂

 How you heard about us? We had friends that turned us on to lakeside living, and once we saw the community we kept thinking ” How do we get in here!” which quickly turned to “Oh hey, look…CANOE!”

 Your favorite thing about your new home? Hmmmm, it could easily be the quartz counter tops, or our customized hardwood floors, even the custom colored door we get to paint…at the end of the day we love every aspect because we got to choose how we wanted to represent ourselves in a place we can call home!

 Favorite sinful food?

T: It’s a toss-up between sushi and pizza…NOT TOGETHER – They just allow you to add soooo many flavors together and get away with a lot of  combinations!

B: Pickles, and chocolate…again…NOT TOGETHER. A different take on salty and sweet 😉

What is the coolest thing about you?

T: I love my job. I get to work on-air in radio (95.3 The PEAK just sayin’ 😉 ) But I get to play music, talk to people, and go to some AMAZING events in an awesome city! Oh oh oh, and I’m pretty good at Mario Kart!

B: I work in the Emergency Medical field! It takes me all over the city, province and beyond meeting different people, helping others and saving lives!

Nicknames as a kid?

T: I was Beaner, and Beanball…I looked like a jelly bean as a baby – But a cute one!

B: I was Bee, and B dawg – My sisters and I thought we were the most gangster people…in Winnipeg. We were right!

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

T: I did the alligator pizza at the Stampede one year – and actually – it was awesome! Like a spicy chicken of sorts…because everything tastes like chicken!

B: Sushi. I don’t like it!

Most embarrassing moment?

T: I broke my collarbone playing dodge ball…

B: First time I ate sushi was meeting my Boyfriends parents…Who are AVID sushi lovers! It made it’s way in…but didn’t go down! I don’t like it!

 Most triumphant moment?

T: I was a very competitive baseball player throughout High school and college. We were the only team in the History of Canada’s Premier Baseball league to “Three-peat” @ Provincials.

B: The day I became fully certified as an EMT

If you could have a super power what would it be?

T: I think teleportation…because let’s be serious…The less you have to drive in this city, the more calm and safer you’ll be!

B: To control the weather!

What do you think about the name Canoe?  And Why?

I think it’s a great representation of the lakeside lifestyle…and come on…have you ever been in a canoe and NOT enjoyed it? Except maybe that one time your bunk mates put you in one and floated you out to the middle of the lake at summer camp. #Taylorstraumatizingexperience

Thank you Taylor and Bryanne for taking the time to answer a few fun questions to help us get to know you better! Welcome to the Canoe family!

Kassy @Canoe