Canoe at Auburn Bay: Spring is in the air at Auburn Bay!

Spring is in the air at Auburn Bay! Check out what’s happening in the community over the next few months now that the weather is warming up and the sun is shining. Also, we’ve got a few reasons for why living in a lake community is especially awesome in the warmer season!

Auburn Bay has many great features from the architecture and overall look and feel of the entire community to the more obvious ones…the LAKE! Living in the city is great and we all love the liveliness and amenities it offers. But when the sun is beating down on us, most of us hit up an outdoor patio or head out to the closest body of water. Well, in Auburn Bay you have the best of both worlds right around the block from your home.

Tommy Fields Gastro Pub  is just minutes from Canoe and has an amazing patio for the warm summer nights with tons of comfy seating and gas fireplaces, or if you’re up for brunch on a sunny weekend it’s also a great spot.

Auburn House and the lake is a year round amenity, but in the summer who doesn’t love hanging out at the beach, canoeing and fishing? Also, if you’re looking for some fun ways to get in shape or meet some of your neighbours, there’s an entire catalogue of activities to choose from, like boot camps, tennis lessons and art classes!  Click the link and go to the PDF Spring Program Guide for all the classes available at Auburn House. . Even non residents are able to sign up for these activities, so for our Canoe homeowners come and check out some of the things you’ll be able to enjoy in your new community!

Kassy @Canoe