Beakerhead Calgary – Check it out!

By now, you may have caught wind of the awesome event that just launched again this year for Beakerhead. If not, you may want to venture on over to their website to find out about all the incredible events happening around this awesome city we call Calgary.

If you are like most, you have probably heard of Beakerhead and probably have seen them at a festival or two but not quite sure who they are and what they do.

Well, first of all they are a charity, so this is an organization to which you can donate to or even volunteer with. Beakerhead is an organization that creates collaboration between science and engineering, and works to showcase them in the form of art and entertainment. A big part of Beakerhead to is educate in a fun way, as well to inspire, stimulate ingenuity, engage the public, break down barriers between people and sectors, build the economy and most importantly, to learn by doing. Because after all, science and engineering can be quite boring, but when presented in a new way that is interactive it’s a whole new world.

“Teaching is not entertainment but is unlikely to be successful if it is not entertaining.” Herbert Simon, Nobel Laureate

I encourage you to check out their website for all the events going on until September 18th. When you are there be sure to check out fully who they are and their mission. Beakerhead makes sense and there is something for everyone. Beakerhead isn’t just a 4 day event, it is a company run all year with events and education for all ages.

I kicked off yesterday with “Get Torched” which was an event showcasing local Calgary Chefs creating some awesome dishes. You get to see that food isn’t just cooking, it is science, it is engineering, it is art, it is creative. I got to witness all of those things happen and afterwards enjoy some incredible eats. And don’t even get me started on the cocktails!

Okay! Go check out, or for a quick synopsis of some of these events check out the blog


Amanda @ Canoe