Why We Can’t Wait to be Part of the Mission Family: Local Business Story with Yann Haute Patisserie

If you’ve taken a turn just off 4th Street onto 23rd Avenue it’s likely that you’ve seen the bright yellow house where Yann Haute Patisserie lives.  If you haven’t, stop reading this and go right now, because it will change your life.

When you walk in the front door, the aroma is like nothing else, you’re immediately overtaken by the realization that you’re about to spend a lot of money on a lot of pastries.  For co-owner Jeraldine, the objective is to create pastry as an art, it’s all about quality ingredients, and giving a full experience when someone walks through the door; “we really educate people on what they’re eating, how they should be eating it, and what the history behind the pastry is, and there’s a real element of craftsmanship behind the product”.  If you aren’t blown away by the visually stunning pastries, you will be when you taste them.  Have you ever had one of those “how on earth can something taste this good?” moments?  Where you close your eyes and take a moment to absorb the pure deliciousness , and wonder how you lived your life before you tasted true French pastries?  You will at Yann.

The owners, Yann and Jeraldine moved to Canada  from France, and after Yann worked in the Palliser Hotel as a pastry chef, he decided to open his own shop in the heart of Mission.  The location was key, as it was important to be in a central area where they could connect with their customers, and have that bustling feel of a modern French village.  The pair found that in Mission, and now live in the yellow house with their three children, with the bakery on the main floor.

For the family, the location of their business is just as important as the location for their family.  Jeraldine loves the feel of a community like Mission, “you can create a community around you, and a community of businesses, and everything  you could possibly need is within walking distance, what’s there not to like?”  Yann is just one of many vibrant locally owned businesses in Mission, where businesses look out for each other, “there are a lot of different businesses and things going on, but we are a community, we work together, we promote each other, we’ve been through a flood together.  I think it’s important for people to know that.”

So if you’re a well-travelled individual who knows what a true French croissant should taste like, or what a perfectly crafted macaron should look like, then Yann is a place you need to visit.  If you’re someone who loves the occasional sweet treat, and can appreciate a product created with passion and love, then Yann is a place you need to visit.  If neither of those apply to you, you should go anyways.

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