Carrington Urban Terraces: Catch the Bus!

If you weren’t already aware, the Carrington Urban Terraces are situated in the most ideal NW Calgary location. If you have a car, access to main roads like Stony Trail, 14th Street, Harvest Hills Boulevard make this community a commuters dream! But what about those who don’t have a car?! Everyone has been asking when Calgary Transit will finally start a bus route through this new area, which is why we’re so excited to announce …(drum-roll, please) …that Bus Route 124 is officially expanding!

The 124 bus currently travels between Evanston and the North Pointe bus terminal in Country Hills. The North Pointe bus terminal allows riders to catch the 301 direct route to downtown. And with the new expansion, the 124 Bus will loop through Carrington Boulevard on it’s way to and from the North Pointe bus terminal in Country Hills!

Check out the Calgary Transit website for more information, and we will keep you posted once bus stops are installed in Carrington.

Until next time,

Julia @ Carrington


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