Carrington Urban Terraces: Condo Fee Free!

Did you know that the Carrington Urban Terraces is a NO CONDO FEE development?

Seeing as there are so many advantages to buying in a development without condo fees, we thought we’d share some of the ways saving on condo fees benefits your budget!

  • Increase your purchasing power!
    • When there are no condo fees, lenders don’t consider condo fees to be part of your fixed monthly costs, resulting in a lower gross debt servicing ratio, and a higher mortgage approval amount.
  • Stress free consistency
    • Your monthly payments don’t fluctuate,  making it easier to budget and avoid potential annual condo fee increases.
  • You make the calls
    • Renovate and maintain your home without restrictions or timelines, and avoid any special assessment charges for unexpected repairs.
  • Size doesn’t matter
    • Unlike homes with condo fees, the size of your home doesn’t effect your monthly payments.

Without the need to budget for additional monthly costs,  you’ll be able do something fun with your extra moo-lah! Maybe it’s time to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about?

Have any questions about this unique new development? Give us a call at 587-349-7816 or stop by our sales center at 106 Carringvue Drive N.W. We’d love to chat!

Until next time,

Julia @ Carrington Urban Terraces