Carrington Urban Terraces: January Construction Update

There’s no way were letting a little snow get in the way of our progress in Carrington Urban Terraces, as we continue to watch the buildings grow more and more each day!

If you haven’t been able to see it in person, here’s a quick snapshot of what’s been happening around site.

Building 12: The foundation has been backfilled and we’re getting ready to start framing.

Building 11: Framing the first floor is almost complete, with the second floor and roof to follow. Once the framing is finished you will truly start to see your home take shape.

Buildings 1  & 2: The fencing has gone up and excavation will follow shortly.

Be sure to stay tuned each month, as we continue to provide updates on how construction is progressing, or stop by the site to see it for yourself!

Until next time,

Julia @ Carrington