Carrington Urban Terraces: March Construction Update

Spring has sprung in Calgary and  so have our Carrington Urban Terraces! With three of the four buildings now standing tall, we thought it was the perfect time for another update.

Here’s an overview of what’s been happening on site:

Building 1: Our team is just finishing up the roof and then framing of the building is done. Then we’ll install windows and start work on the interior of the building with rough-ins for plumbing, heating and electrical.

Building 2: Foundation is complete and it’s time for us to backfill the foundation and start framing the main floor.

Building 11: We are completing the drywall and ceiling texture. Homeowners in this building will be contacted shortly to schedule their first walk through with construction.

Building 12: We are finishing the electrical rough-ins and will start on the drywall next.

We can’t wait to see how much will be done in just the next few weeks! Stay tuned for more updates soon or stop in and see ups at the show home event this Saturday!

Till next time,

Julia @ Carrington