Carrington Urban Terraces: New Buyer Profile

Hi Everyone!

We are so excited to welcome James and Nicole to Carrington and are honored to have them join our Homes by Avi family!

The story of James and Nicole’s decision to downsize and move into the Carrington Urban Terraces is both unique and heartwarming. Last year, their daughter and fiancé became new home owners with their very own Indigo Urban Terrace home! The lovely couple is now all settled into their new home and preparing for the wedding next year. How could James and Nicole turn down the opportunity to live a few doors down from their future grandkids?! It was a no brainer! The Slate home was the perfect fit and they are so excited to move in this summer!

We had so much fun working with the whole family – from discussing IT requirements such as CAT6 outlets, to selecting the beautiful interior finishes, and making their home reflect their sunny personalities – the whole process was full of laughter!

Let’s take some time to get to know this fabulous family better – keep on reading for some fun Boudreau Family Trivia!

  • What was it about the Slate home that stood out to you the most and you knew it was the perfect home? The thing that stood out for us with the Slate home is most importantly the look and the way the home was divided. We are able to pictures ourselves living in the home, and able to visualize where all of our furniture would fit.
  • Will you have scheduled family dinners alternating between your home and the kids now that you will be a few doors down? We actually already have scheduled family dinners which we do alternate between our homes, but now we don’t need to drive! We can just walk down the street!
  • What is your family favorite go-to dinner recipe? Our family go to favorite meal is a grilled steak, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw..yummy!
  • What was your most memorable family vacation and where are you dreaming of going next once the world goes back to normal? Our most memorable family vacation is when we moved to Calgary and visited Banff for the first time. We had never seen the Rockies before and we were all left in awe! Once the world goes back to normal, we are actually planning on visiting Montreal to see our friends and family.
  • Do you know what your daughter is planning on spending her $1,500 referral cash on?! Yes we do know what Melanie and Mike are going to be doing with the $1500 referral cash; they have decided to change their dining room set and are very excited to do so!

Since James and Nicole were referred to us – we have the pleasure of providing their daughter with $1,500.00 CASH as a referral bonus! Don’t worry, this applies to all of our Homes by Avi homeowners who refer a friend or family member to us! Not a Homes by Avi homeowner, but want to refer someone regardless? No worries, send them our way and we will pay you $1,000.00 CASH when they purchase!

We hope everyone is staying happy and healthy!

Until next time,

Julia @ Carrington