The City of Calgary Hosts Information Release on Currie Barracks at Military Museum


It was a busy week for The City of Calgary as they prepared for the brief seminar on what’s to come within the community of Currie Barracks. The Military Museum was in full swing Tuesday night with over 200 southwest residents eager to be updated on the development process.

Intentions to increase residential as well as commercial density in the community were introduced Tuesday evening to the public. Residents in the community as well as surrounding communities are encouraged to provided feedback in the decision making process by answering several survey questions.

For more information on the Open House Presentation please visit:

For those interested in filling out the questionnaire please find this as well as upcoming news on the development of Currie Barracks at:

We here at Juno, look forward to updating you on the developmental decisions that are yet to come within Currie Barracks. Stay updated and be the first to know!


Abigail @ Juno