Clever Christmas: Accessorize Your House Like a Pro

It’s Clever Christmas with Avi Urban, and the showhome decorating team of Julie and Chloe!

We caught up with the decorating team as they decked the halls and accessorized the Homes by Avi offices. Showhome decorator Julie Punter gives you some smart tips to decorate the rest of your place on a dime!

Swap it out: Instead of a full Christmas overhaul in your place, try swapping out key pieces. It’s an easy way to ensure your decor looks great, because it’s already replacing an item that you know looks good the rest of the year! You can see how we swapped things out by checking out the latest video.

Use what you have: Christmas can already be an expensive time of the year, so using what holiday decor you already have can make a big difference! Make the most of what you have by using leftover ball ornaments from your tree, or extra garland.

If you have glass vases or jars that normally store decorative objects like twigs or rattan balls, swap those pieces out and replace them with ornaments or inexpensive candles. Even putting extra twinkle lights into accessorize that you normally have (think bottles, vases, and bowls) you can add Christmas charm to any room.

Stick with the theme: We’re all for using a theme, from your tree to your mantel, and definitely with the rest of your home.

If you choose modern teal and silver for your tree, then try not to  decorate with traditional red and green items. The decorations will look out of place and a bit “thrown together.” By keeping with the colour theme (maximum three colour combinations) you’ll keep your home looking consistent and cohesive.

However you decide to decorate this Christmas, we wish your family the very best this season – we hope we’ve helped to make your home cozy and bright!

For more Christmas decorating inspiration, check out our Pinterest page.

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