Construction Update for Canoe at Auburn Bay


With the great weather now here, the construction of Canoe at Auburn Bay has seen visible progress for the month of April, and we see no signs of that slowing down! For homeowners, there is great excitement as they see their new home beginning to take shape.

Construction update breakdown

We are currently in the process of installing rebar reinforcements in the last section of the parkade top. Simultaneously, we are working on backfilling the south elevation of the parkade, with completion anticipated to wrap up at the end of April.

Framing is due to commence this week for the first floor of Canoe, along with the laying of cement for the east parkade floor.

There will be lots more updates to come as construction really takes pace. Keep your eye on our blog and facebook page for more details. We encourage anyone interested in these homes to drive through Auburn Bay and see the great addition Avi Urban is bringing to the community with Canoe.

To get more information on available units, please visit, or call us at 403.536.7282. We are always happy to help.

Until next time.


Abigail @ Canoe