Construction update for December!

As Christmas quickly approaches our construction team is still hard at work at the Enclave in Castle Keep. A little cold weather and lack of sleep from the holiday season parties doesn’t slow us down at Avi Urban. Here’s a little update on our progress.

Building 1 – The foundation is complete.

Building 2 – Our homeowners are all moved in and excited to spend the holiday season in their new townhome.

Building 3 &4 – All moved in!

Building 5 – Our homeowners will be unpacking boxes and setting up their home as we speak. Possessions were the end of November.

Building 6 – Framing is complete. Yay!!

Building 7 – drywall, rough ins are complete and now the walls will be up and the interior will really start to take shape.

Building 8 – rough ins have started, we’re one step closer to getting the insulation and drywall up.

Building 9 – Crews have started excavation, staking will be the next step.

Building 10 – We are pouring the foundation, next step will be framing!

Building 11 – We are at the rough in/insulation stage with drywall soon to follow.

Building 12 – One of the first buildings to have taken possession, these proud new homeowners will be preparing for the holidays.

Building 13 &14 – framing near completion, the homes are now standing structures! What a beautiful location.

Building 15 – framing trusses

Building 16 – footings poured

Building 17 – excavation

Building 18 – staking

Building 19 – framing

Building 20 – staking will be starting next week for this building.

Building 21 -The foundation is complete.

We hope everyone enjoys the Christmas season and stay tuned for more updates and photos on this beautiful development.