Construction Update for the Juno Townhomes in Currie Barracks


As construction continues to stream, the Juno Townhomes are the next great edition in the first and second phase of the Currie Barracks community. As we continue to add character to the townhomes with the framing process, we see no signs of slowing down. With great weather the construction of the Townhomes has seen visible progress.



Lot 9-building 3- Framing is completed along with roof installation. Windows and doors are to arrive and be installed later this week. Once this is complete the staircases will be reinforced and walk throughs can begin.

Lot 18-building 4- Framing is completed and roof installation has begun, followed by window & door installments.

Lots 1 and 2 – Excavating has been completed and the foundations poured. We are hoping to begin framing early next week as long as weather permits.


With such great progress, possession dates are running on time for all our future Juno Townhome owners. We continue to get excited with the construction progress and encourage people to drive through the community and see the great addition Avi Urban has brought to the community with its 20 Townhomes.

Speaking towards construction, Juno was featured in The Calgary Herald this past weekend.  With great representation of the community the article familiarizes people with the Juno development. You can find the article at:  . The milestones we have hit really project the visual uniqueness of these townhomes.


Until next time…

Abby @ Juno