Construction Update: The Post at Nolan Hill Oct 2014

There is a lot of activity happening in The Post at Nolan Hill. We have released seven units for sale, all with quick possessions possibly as early as the start of November. We will be moving into, and opening, our Showhomes soon so watch this space! The first homeowners will be taking possession at the end of this month so there is a lot to complete and every day there is exciting new progress to be seen.

Building 1 – Everyone has received their possession letters and getting ready for the move into their new town home starting at the end of October. The townhomes are almost 100% complete, tiling is completed, flooring is almost complete, countertops are almost all installed and appliances have started to arrive.

Building 3 – Most of the possession letters have been sent out with the few remaining possession letters to be sent out to homeowners this week. Rough-ins are completed, as well as the insulation and  drywall for the units, cabinets have also started to arrive and be installed.

Building 2 – Framing is complete and the rough-in’s (electrical, plumbing and ducts) are well under-way.

Building 4 – Framing has started on the first floor (the garage level).

Building 5 – Framing has also started with the first floor being completed.

Building 6 – The foundations have been dug and the frames for footing have been set up ready to have concrete poured. Soon, foundations will be poured and the framing will start once the framing is completed with building 4.

Building 7 – The foundations are completed and we are now waiting for the framers to be completed with building 5 so Building 7 can start.

Around the site – The retaining walls for the centre courtyard between buildings 3 & 5 is complete. The front patio’s for Building 2 are complete, with the front patio completion beginning for Building 1 this weekend. The garbage enclosure foundations will be starting soon as well.

TaraLynn @ The Post