Construction Update

We’re getting so close to being fully completed at Prospect Ridge Evansview! There isn’t much left to go with construction and landscaping. Everyone will be moving in by the end of November and if this weather lets up a bit we can complete the last bit of landscaping!

Building 7 – Several homeowners have taken possession, the rest will be happening this coming week!

Building 4 – Finishing stage is happening and flooring is going in.

Building 9 – Priming for paint has started and completing those details needed before finish starts!

Buildings 8, 1, 2 – Finished (or almost finished) with there 3 month warranty check-ups!

Building 3 – Appointments are being made for Warranty check-ups, as it is already close to 3 months since they’ve taken possession. Time is going by fast!

Landscaping – Landscaping is completed in the surrounding areas, all that is left now is our Center courtyard.

We will be hosting a Home Owner Fall Fest Event Saturday, Oct 27, 2012 from 12pm – 2pm for all the home owners at Prospect Ridge. There will be food, Festivities and Prizes. We are looking forward to the Completion of Prospect Ridge and seeing all of our home owners!