Cribbing for the Juno townhomes at Currie Barracks begins!

Lot 9 becomes the first townhomes to have cribbing completed. We are making great time and sticking with the schedule. We are so excited to keep homeowners up to date with the Juno Townhome construction process and progress.

We are happy to report that the cribbing stage of the Juno Townhome development at Currie Barracks is underway. Now that the foundation has been laid in lot 9, Juno moves on to the concrete and wood work process. Next step for the Juno Townhomes is to have the concrete for the footings poured. Once the footing dries, wall forms are built. Cribbing is a big part of the development process because for all of the follow up trades to complete their jobs properly perfectly squared and level foundation walls are required.

Keep your eyes peeled for regular updates now that Juno is officially a work in progress!