Currie Barracks Introduces Major Activity Centres to the Community

Currie Barracks makes news once again this week. The City of Calgary anticipates the bring back of the MAC- ” An urban centre for a sub-region of the city, providing opportunities for people to work, live, shop, recreate, be entertained and meet their daily needs”(2014).

These new ‘mini downtowns’ are creating excitement for individuals who enjoy activities close to home. With these developments, we are currently seeing increases in employment close to home and quick access to different essential day to day stores. With the Juno Townhomes located within walking distance of the new Currie Barracks Major Activity Centres, residents anxiously await the arrival of the development. Commercial developments have targeted to start building in 2015 within Currie Barracks.

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With every possible amenity surrounding you, Currie Barracks has proven to be a great community for future families. Come visit us at our Sales Centre. With the final six Juno Townhomes just released, your last chance to buy with Juno is now.

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Abby @ Juno