Currie Barracks makes news, once again.

Richard White, an Urban Strategist at Ground3, has written about urban development and urban living for over 20 years. His blog “Where a Gated community meets with History” appeared in Calgary Herald’s Condo section on March 14th.

He writes, “While in the past Calgary has torn down its old buildings to make way for new ones, CLC has worked hard to develop a plan that will preserve historical buildings and a public spaces, but find new uses for them as well. Kudos to the CLC team for creating a unique sense of place for Calgarians to live, work and play.”

In other news, by way of unanimous vote, Currie Barracks was approved March 12th by the Calgary Planning Commission.

During the question period, the chair of the commission was quoted as saying “…this is the type of community that people will come to Calgary to study.

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