December DIY: Low Cost, High Impact Christmas Trees

Our interior designers love Christmas. Every year they deck the halls in our head office and Avi Definitions selections centre with the latest and greatest trends. This year is no exception.

We caught up with our interior designers, including designer Marnie Galbraith, as they were stringing garland and lighting twinkle lights. Here are Marnie’s best tips for an easy DIY tree that doesn’t blow your Christmas budget.

1.       Light up and down, not around: We use pre-lit trees in our offices, but if you’re decorating a real tree, string the lights up and down. Stringing them around the tree takes more time and doesn’t give the depth that up and down lights give. It’s the technique they use when lighting the tree at Rockefeller Center!

2.       Bin there, done that: Make your ornaments last by storing them in bins of all different sizes. We use large blue bins to store the smaller bins, which house the delicate ornaments. It also doesn’t hurt to keep the ornament’s original packing as another storage option.

3.       Theme is key: Creating a colour theme in your home when decorating for Christmas helps if you’re going for a cohesive, stylish look. Theme a tree in a little girl’s room with their favourite princess accessories, or try the grown up versions like we did, with blue and white or the classic red and green.

4.       Garland with a twist: Start with the garland when decorating your tree. It makes it easier to position your ornaments afterwards and helps you fill in the empty spots. We like using ribbon, but often times we take inspiration from fashion and use unique items (like feather boas and strings of beads). Instead of wrapping the garland around, try using green tree wire (we found ours at Canadian Tire) to billow your ribbon down the tree. It creates a cool effect and will make you look like a tree decorating pro.

5.       Vary those ornaments: Create depth in your tree by varying the ornament sizes and you’ll have a tree that looks totally customized to your style.  We used Christmas ball ornaments that ranged from 1 inch to about 8 inches in diameter, along with bows we made from inexpensive ribbon and ornament on picks that stand out.

However you decorate your Christmas tree this season, we hope you enjoy the experience by putting on your favourite Christmas movie (like It’s a Wonderful Life or White Christmas), making some hot cocoa and decorating with your family and friends. Merry Christmas!

Questions for our designers? Just comment below or check out our Pinterest boards for tons of Christmas design tips and inspiration.