Dinner just got easier with Jackson at Walden

With busy schedules today it can be a challenge to make a nice hot meal. Not to worry! Save On Foods in Walden has you covered.

With weekly meal plans to choose from, all you need is a quick stop at the deli section to pick up a full meal for you and your family.

They also serve a great wood fire pizza.  Pick up a slice or place your order and do some shopping while it’s cooking.

There is a great selection in the salad section too.  Everything from pasta to quinoa salads, make whatever your heart desires.

And sushi is always fresh and tasty. You really can’t go wrong with all the options.

Kick it up a notch and add that special touch to the table by picking up some fresh flowers.

All of this is available at the kitchen in your Walden Save on Foods, your friendly neighbours to #JacksonatWalden.

Until next time,

Mary Ann @ Jackson