DIY: Cheap & Cheerful Thanksgiving Centerpiece

For some of our homeowners, this could be the first Thanksgiving in your new place! One of our awesome interior designers, Marnie Galbraith, is all about coming up with new ideas to decorate on a budget, and offers a great way to dress up your table for Thanksgiving.

Marnie shares, “This is a great way to adorn stairs or tablescape, and bonus, it’s budget friendly, as most items are affordable and can be found inside our outside your home!”

Here’s how to create a cheap and cheerful Thanksgiving centerpiece. (Plus, it’s only three simple steps!)

1. Collect the vases around your home: Marnie suggests using a minimum of five hurricane glass jars or apothecary jars in varying heights.

2. Take a walk: Stroll around your development or neighbourhood and find items that fit the harvest theme, like leaves, pinecones, or crab apples. Explains Marnie, “Fill each of the jars with something different found in nature on a fall walk.”

3. Arrange, arrange, arrange: Once you’ve set your jars and vases up on the table, put pinecones in one, fall leaves in another, mini pumpkins, gourds, red apples, cat tails, balls of fall coloured yarn, twine or loaves of French bread. Put them in clusters around the vases or even around your home to add a great fall touch. Have fun arranging them to create a great natural centerpiece.

Want to add some extra touches to your table this year? Here are Marnie’s bonus suggestions!

  • Try tying warm knitted scarves around the back of the chairs with a cute knot to add a touch of warmth and character to your party.
  • No sole mate? Try taking an odd lonely sock with great knitted texture and giving it a makeover into a cute fall accessory! Cut off the toe of the sock and use it as a sleeve around a glass or candle holder to give a warm textured fall glow.