DIY Tips – Feature Walls

Our knowledgeable and talented showhome decorators have done it again and mastered the art of the DIY with respect to home décor.  Recently, they filmed a short video offering tips on how to create a unique feature wall in your home.  Here’s the lowdown:


A feature wall is a great way to give a space some personality.  Most people think paint or wallpaper when it comes to feature walls, but the truth is, you have a ton of options.  For example, DIY texture walls are really impactful and can be accomplished using architectural elements, like old palettes and window shutters.  Shelving and 3D paper tiles work great too.


When taking on a feature wall project, start by thinking about the feeling you want your space to evoke, i.e. moody, serene, bright, fun.  In the space pictured below, our decorators wanted to create a pub-like atmosphere with a darker, more intimate eating nook, so they decided on a red brick wallpaper.

In this yoga studio, the opted for a textured wallpaper to create a calm, Zen-like feel.


If you do decide to stick with a painted feature wall, it’s a good idea to base your colour selection on your décor, picking out an accent colour.  In the living space below, our design team chose to contrast the crisp whites and soft greys of the main floor with a bold, bright blue pulled from the furnishings and accessories in the room.

To check out our showhome decorators live at work, take a look at their design video which will show you how to bring all of these ideas to life –

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