Down With Décor – Avi Urban gives you access to the 2016 trends

Avi Urban has taken another page from our show home decorator, Chloe, and asked her to tell us what the hottest trends are for 2016. This woman has amazing insight and even shares her secrets on where to get these trends!

Nature Comes Inside:

If you live in a condo or a townhome with little to no yard space, bring your own garden inside. Greenery is a huge upcoming design trend, it also adds a beautiful accent color to your home. Wall gardens not only act as a wall treatment and accent/art feature but it serves a purpose.
DIRTT has a living wall feature that can be installed in homes

Retro & Mid-century Modern: Shine Bright Like a Diamond:

Adding a hint of metallic in your new home is an upcoming trend. I don’t just mean chrome and stainless finishing. The retro look is coming back. No matter if your home is traditional, modern or rustic, touches of brass and gold gives your home a bit of a pop. Switch out your cabinet or door handles to brass. Add some gold or brass into your lighting. Mixing old with new. The look of exposed plumbing in different finishes are a great way to bring in metallic. If that is a bit too much for you, accents in your accessories work as well. Replace those table lamps with a lamp that has a metallic base in a brass or gold finish. Buy some vases to mix with the ones you have. Get a new carpet or rug that have hints of metallic, it will really make your room pop under your furniture. There are endless ways of bringing in this metallic and retro look to your home.
West Elm has come up with a line that features coffee and end tables in a brass finish.

Flea Market Finds:

Once again, reclaimed and repurpose is huge. Mixing a vintage find with something you bought new is a great way to decorate your home. You can also make it a fun weekend adventure with friends, a nice Saturday activity, to drive up to a flea market or your nearest farmers market and find some old and cool finds to incorporate into your home.

Textures are becoming a trend. You can always find a cool, old vintage textured rug to put under that modern coffee and end table. Crochet and lace can always be found in these markets. These are great textures to add to your home, whether it is framing some lace as a piece of art work or taking some crochet pieces and putting it on your sofa or bed.

You can always find a great coffee table or piece of furniture that you can repurpose or refinish to fit into your home. Who needs a real coffee table? The look of an old vintage trunk can be used as a coffee table or nightstand and it gives your room a bit of history and a story. I love finding old doors and frames and using it as a piece of art. To make it look even older, I would take some sand paper or a wire brush to destress the piece a bit more.

Tiles are going Geometric:

Chevron has been a style that has been trending for a while but new geometric shapes have recently emerged in tiles. Herringbone, Marrakech titles, hexagons, different styles of chevron and abstract shaped tiles. However, I would not add this accent everywhere. Pinpoint somewhere you want to feature these in your home. A backsplash in your kitchen is always a great idea, it will give your kitchen that extra pop. Another spot would be to tile the back wall of your ensuite shower.

Did you know you can have your hardwood cut into shapes? You can have the hardwood installed in a herringbone or chevron pattern. I would not do this everywhere but a patch in your front entrance or great room would be a nice accent. We did this in our 2013 Stampede Dreamhome!


Who would have guessed this would be a trend again, right? Welcome to 201, when pastels are back in! Add pops of pastel pinks, blues and yellows into your home. A painted accent wall in your great room or master bedroom is a great way to start the trend. If this is too bold for you, you can always add accessories such as toss cushions, a throw or a picture frame. It softens up your home if you have put a lot of straight lined furniture inside.

Faux Fur:

Throw out that leopard print you have in your home, that is so 2015. Faux fur is now in! You can make it edgy, moody, or fun and feminine. Depends on how you use it and what colors you want. Every HomeSense I walk into now is selling faux fur rugs, throws and tosses. It is a fun element to add to your home. I would not go overboard though.  Add a fur throw on the end of your bed or on your couch. Throw in two or three toss cushions to your bed or sofa. It will give your comfy bed some style.

Throw a fur rug under your coffee table, end of bed or under your desk. I would opt for a white one to make your space feel bigger, with a feminine but edgy vibe. Switch out two chairs in your living room and put two fur poufs, a décor item that doubles as seating. I am actually loving this trend right now!

Thanks for your tips Chloe!