Down with Decor – Christmas decorating trends

Everyone has their own flair when it comes to Christmas décor and nothing is right or wrong. However, there are always tips on sprucing up the home for the holidays.
Our resident décor expert, Chloe, gives us her decorating tips for the season.

Christmas trees

Most people clutter and put every ornament they have up. Why not pick a specific theme for your tree this year? Starting with something colour based.

Pick two to three colours you love and decorate your tree based on those colours. At the Homes by Avi office, I always pick two different colours for each tree. That way it is not over decorated and is very simple but beautiful. If your ornaments are more traditional, that is fine. Put all the same colors together and add some newer elements to tie it together!

Black, gold and white are great colours if you are looking for more of a modern feel.

Using one colour is also a beautiful way to decorate your tree. The textures and shapes of your ornaments will make it different. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t have an all white Christmas. An all white Christmas tree is stunning and simple in its own way!

If you are more rustic, the look of natural ornaments are a great way to decorate your tree. Burlap, canvas, lace and wood are the way to go. This look can be done by a lot of DIY project, like burlap garland, personalized wood ornaments and industrial bulbs for lighting.

The options are endless. Check out Urban Barn and West Elm for cool Christmas décor .

Tie your room together

It’s not just about setting up the tree, but making your home feel like Christmas by tying an entire theme within the home or the room where everyone gathers. Replace toss cushions , hang some DIY Christmas projects and bring out those scented candles.

The colours you chose for your tree should be incorporated within your home or room of choice. Mix and match the toss cushions on your chair and couch and add some fun Christmas themed toss cushions that are in your colour scheme. Or, add a fun throw as a Christmas skirt replacement around your tree (fur throws are not only in style but work great as a Christmas tree skirt).
You can also add one to your couch to tie it all together.

An added touch of light in the room, and still Christmas themed, are industrial letters placed on your mantel. They come in multiple colours and you can spell out whatever you like.
It is a very modern way to decorate your mantel this season.

Table décor

Do not over decorate your table. A simple table center piece is all that’s needed. You can also add a table runner to ground the space and to bring in the colour you chose throughout your home.
If you went with the rustic vibe, a piece of burlap or canvas can be used as your table runner.

Hurricane jars, need I say more? These are probably the best item to own. You can fill them up with anything! One hurricane jar filled with Christmas balls, another filled with paper snowflakes and another with Christmas tags. Or you can fill them with candy canes and lights. There are so many unique choices. To spruce up the jars, you can always dip part of the jar in paint to create an ombre effect, tie the neck of the jar with ribbon, or even add words to the jar.

Decorating your exterior for Christmas

Wreaths are the obvious choice when people think door décor. However, there are so many more things you can do.

Marquee lights are a cool new trend. DIY streamers make for a great door item. If you want something simple and different, you can make cut outs of a snowman or a Christmas tree and attach it to your door. It surprisingly looks pretty cool!

Remember, what is indoors should be brought outdoors as well. Keep the theme going from the moment someone arrives at your door step.

If you live in a condo building, you probably can’t put Christmas lights up, or string a tree with lights. So why not put out mini Christmas trees? They make a great piece for your landing.
If you need something for your railing, you can make your own garland. You can use burlap, paper snowflakes and trees, wood chips, or tags! Let your imagination do the work!

Now go ahead, spruce up your Christmas décor with a mixture of traditional and new decorating ideas!

Til next time,

Chloe @ Homes by Avi