Down with Decor – Patio season!

With the outdoor living spaces that Avi Urban creates, we thought we’d bring in resident decorator Chloe, to give us her favourite looks and ideas to make your patio season a stellar one!

Warmer temperatures, blue skies and sunny days are luring you outside

25 degrees in the beginning of April? CRAZY! But you know what that means, right?
PATIO SEASON! Also known as, time to crack a beer open and lounge outside season.

As Calgarians, we are aware of our short summer months, and if we’re lucky we can maybe have five months of warm weather.
So why not make those five months worth it!  If you’re planning to do any of your eating, entertaining or lounging outside then maybe it’s time to rethink how that area looks and feels.

Are you short on space? A few inches can go a long way.
Are you on a tight budget? Not to worry, you can work with what you already own.
No garden or greenery? Don’t you worry, I have you covered!


Let’s give your outdoor space a fresh face by sticking with a monochromatic palette. This is a polished look without overdoing it. This will also make your space appear bigger, as too much colour will make the space too busy and crowded. Choose essential pieces like a wirework round table, umbrella and stools in a contemporary gray and white color scheme.


Did someone say free? Pallets are everywhere in the city. This is probably the most budget friendly way to go about sprucing up your space! I love the use of reclaimed materials. They give so much character and can be done very elegantly. Pallets can be used as a form of organization and storage when you have a small space. If you have a small eating/sitting area and a BBQ on your patio but need room for tools or would like an herb garden then pallets are the way to go. You can hang pallets on both sides and attach buckets that allows for you to either plant some plants or to hold your BBQ tools.

Pallet patio furniture is my new favourite look. A bit of rustic, but still beautiful, and FREE! How can you say no to that?
Plan out how much room you have and how much seating you need before you grab pallets.
A seat for two, all you need is two pallets: one as the seat and one as the backrest. Screw them together and pick cushions of your choice, and ta-dah! patio furniture done.

Light up the Mood:

Lighting always creates the mood for a space. The sun might have gone down but that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy a nice glass of wine on the patio.
However, you don’t want to be drinking in the dark…that just calls for danger. Why not add some accent lights to create a mood in your space. You might just have a pot light or sconce on your back porch, why not change those out?

I am one that loves an amazing feature light. Even if my furniture is just blah, the pendant I will have hanging in my space will just make the space special.
Pick something you are drawn to. If your space is monochromatic, that doesn’t mean you need a grey light. I would go with something vibrant that will draw your eye to the space.

Fences are always so boring, so why not add twinkle lights or string some industrial bulbs along the fence to create some lighting. Your options for lighting are endless. Let your mind go and pick something either elaborate or simple and elegant.

Sunny side up:

Are you dreaming of a lounging area for reading, writing or hanging with friends? Minimalists, you’re in luck!
Decorate around a key piece of furniture. Is it your sofa or dining table? You can add extra transformation by tossing on some colorful pillows or hanging an assortment of lanterns.
Make this space your own. Bring in touches of your personality, even if it means making your chairs bright with colour next to your boring brown table, or adding some colourful toss cushions to your wicker brown sofa. Even consider how a trio of punchy coloured chairs can instantly brighten up a boring slatted wall.

More smores please:

Small space with no fireplace or fire pit? Not to worry! You can now buy portable fire pits that come in many shapes and sizes.
Buy one that fits your space and add some fun chairs around it. The fire pit can act as a coffee table when you don’t have one or even a foot rest (DO NOT use it when it is on…can someone have the fire department on speed dial please?)
What better way than to snuggle around a fire pit telling stories, roasting marshmallows and drinking hot cocoa with Baileys? This option is the best of both worlds…dining/seating and entertaining area.

Hang in there:

Are you single and sometimes want to just chill on your patio? Or do you need some alone time to unwind? Well hang in there because this is just for you!
When I think of a hammock, I think about the days I lounged around in Nicaragua and Ecuador sipping back beer. You too can create an intimate nook for lounging, reading or just zoning out.
Find a spot on your patio, more likely on the side with two walls that you can attach your hammock to! You can jazz it up with a few hanging lanterns and some fun pillows to make it a bit more comfortable. This is easy to tuck away as well when you have guests over! Go cradle yourself to sleep under the stars.

I think its time for that beer or margarita, or in my case a Bulldog!
Enjoy the weather and spruce up your patio so you can enjoy a nice cold beverage!

Until next time!