Down with Decor – Summer trends

We had to know what the summer trends are since it’s already August! So we sat down with resident designer, Chloe, and got her hot ideas on what’s sizzling this summer!

Only a short time of summer left? WHAT?! Where has the time gone?
Not to worry, there is still enough time to enjoy the sun and to spruce up your space for the season.

I might be a little world traveler but during the summer months here in Calgary, I like to make use of the beautiful weather we have before I bring out my giant winter coat.

Staycation Station!

Who needs a villa on the water in Bora Bora when you can recreate the same feeling at home?

When you walk in to HomeSense, the first thing you can see are hanging chairs. Hanging chairs are on trend this summer.
Woven seats keep things from getting too warm, and at night when it cools off, you can always use a blanket to cozy things up. To maximize the essence of the outdoors, make sure to keep the materials as natural as possible. Carving out a space for relaxation outdoors creates vacation vibes without having to leave your home.

Wishing you were lounging in a pool, in the middle of a floor to ceiling tiled riad in Marrakesh? You can recreate the essences of travel by bringing in textures and small features from around the world. Moroccan textures, patterns and colour are a huge design trend right now. More people are adding Moroccan tiles to their back splashes in their homes because it adds for a punch of colour to a home. When walking into any home décor store, you will notice that most toss cushions, decorative throws and rugs have a Moroccan twist to them. Why not bring the look of a foreign country into your home? You can add these features in lanterns on your patio or in poofs that act as extra seating when you lounge outside sipping on a nice cool beverage.

Find your favourite destination and bring in features that remind you of that place into your home!

Save Water, Drink Rose!

What is it with men and man caves? Why are they called man caves? Where do women retreat when they need their man cave time?

New trend alert! Women, you want your own space to sip back that rose and gossip? Well, here it is! The She Space!!

Most women love to spend time in the garden and yard. So  why not add a bit more to that space?!
If you have a big enough yard, put up an area of your own. You can utilize a shed, an outdoor patio tent or a fenced off area that you can call your own. Do you really need a shed for all those boring, heavy tools? I think not!

The She Space is a dedicated area or room in the yard for women to sit back, relax and enjoy their time without the opposite gender. (Hey ladies, that doesn’t mean you still can’t stare at your pool boy!) This space is small, cute and you can custom decorate it to your own liking. If you do have that outdoor tent or shed, put up some fun décor! Replace that boring light and add a chandelier or a cluster of lanterns. Bring in some hanging plants to add some interest to your ceiling or walls. Add that pop of colour through some paint or fun accessories. The ideas are endless on how you can make your She Space your own. This is that extra space you can escape to, to either drink some rose with some girlfriends while gossiping about the date you just went on, or a place to read in peace. This can even be your weekend getaway if needed!

Don’t have a yard? Make the patio your own space! Sorry boys, I am moving that BBQ of yours over. This is our space now! This doesn’t need to be permanent, you can buy bamboo walls to block space off. This is easy to put up and store, so you can turn this space into your own. Move over guys, women are now taking over! Girl power!


Summer brings bold flavours, sounds and sight. Bold colour is along for the ride. I am one that shies away from using colour or I have the fear of tiring of it quickly but…IT’S SUMMER!
Summer is cheerful and you need colour to be cheerful. Do not go overboard though, small pops are all you need. It can easily be done and it is affordable too.
Have an old rustic chair just collecting dust in your garage, attic or basement? Have you heard of spray paint? This is that magical tool that will change your life this summer. Spray that chair a bright colour!
Did you know chalk paint now comes in spray paint version? Don’t want anything all that bright? Well, chalk paint is the way to go. Add that bright chair or table to your home, either in or out and it will transform your Winter blues to Summer fun! If furniture is too intimidating, then opt for bright coloured pillows or an accent rug. If that isn’t for you either, then entertain with fun dishes. Bold napkins and summer dishes will brighten up that brown patio table.  Remember, in Calgary you only have a few short months to think outside your comfort zone, why not give it a try?! You only live once!

Now take what you have left of Summer and enjoy it! Try out these new trends. You won’t be disappointed.

Until next time!