Dream Builders: Another year, another dream home winner!

The Dream Home is a lot of work.  It’s a lot of work for our designers, decorators, construction crew, trades, marketing team, and countless others.  But every year, something is done or said that makes it all worthwhile.  Let’s forget for a moment that dozens of local charities benefit from the funds raised by Dream Home ticket sales.  This year’s ‘aha’ moment came in the form of our winner.

Paul Allred is a 67-year-old Calgarian and long-time Stampede Lotteries supporter.  He lost his wife to cancer three years ago, but revealed during a Calgary Herald interview that “he thinks of her everyday”.  Currently, he lives in a condo with his four-legged companion, Buffy.

Paul bought pre-sale tickets, and didn’t actually make it down to the grounds to see the home.  During the winner’s reception hosted by the Lotteries last week, he revealed that he would probably sell the home, since it’s just him and Buffy.  However, when touring the home not more than an hour later, he was overwhelmed.  He said that there’s no way he could pass up the chance to live in such a beautiful home.  And his sister, who accompanied him on the tour, was already picking out a room to stay in.

Congratulations Paul, we wish you all the best in your new home.