Duke at Mission: Battle your green beer hangover

Heading out for St. Patrick’s Day festivities, we were very aware of the hangover that may follow, but with great risk comes great reward, right? For those brave souls who were willing to accept the consequences of a St. Paddy’s binge, we pulled together some tips to help soften the blow.

Eat light. You may want that big greasy breakfast but beware, you could just end up with a bad case of heartburn. Try easy to digest foods like toast or cereal instead.

Battle dehydration. You need to replace the fluid you’ve lost, so make sure to hydrate with juice, water, or electrolyte drinks.

Opt for a virgin Caesar. Although the alcohol may temporarily help your symptoms, ultimately alcohol is toxic and you need to give your body a chance to recover. That morning drink could lead to an even worse hangover the following day.

Minimize coffee intake. Caffeine narrows your blood vessels and boosts blood pressure, both of which may make your hangover worse. Regular coffee drinkers should have a modest amount to avoid a potential caffeine-withdrawal headache.

Try Alka-Seltzer. Sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) is the active ingredient, which will help settle a queasy belly by neutralizing stomach acid.

Pain meds. Anti-inflammatory pain relievers like ibuprofen (Advil and similar) and naproxen (Aleve) can provide some relief. For women, PMS medications like Pamprin and Midol can help with pain such as cramping, backaches, or headaches.

Forgo the hangover pills and take a multivitamin instead. There is very little evidence to prove pills like Chaser, PreToxx, and RU 21 actually work. A multivitamin will be more beneficial and will restore the nutrients your body may have lost during a binge.

Exercise. A gentle workout could help you feel better, but don’t overdo it or you may end up feeling worse.

Skip the sauna. A sauna can cause potentially dangerous blood vessel and blood flow changes in your body and, if you’re already dehydrated, excessive sweating can be harmful, and even deadly.

Hit the snooze button. Alcohol may put you to sleep quickly but it can disrupt sleep and jolt you awake, the resulting sleep deprivation can make hangover symptoms feel worse. Make sure to get those Z’s!

Personally, our favorite hangover day means logging some serious time with Netflix and the couch. Time will heal all wounds… so here’s to a speedy recovery!

Erin @ Duke

Photo credits: Flickr (Mislav Marohnić, Ryan Hyde), Krishna.org