Duke at Mission: Buyer Profile

Meet Brent and Lissette!

Thanks to both of you for taking the time to allow us to get to know you a little better. This couple is really excited to be purchasing their second home. With plans to rent out their existing home, this is the start of their real estate empire. This couple is full of love and lives life to the fullest.

We are thrilled and honored they chose to call Duke home with the purchase of their 2 Bed 2 Bath E unit!

Fast facts: 

Brent is the GM @ National on 10th and Lissette is a Level 2 Registered Dental Assistant

Favorite spots in and around Mission:

Brent: Anejo and Blanco

Lissette: Anejo and Blanco

(No bias here…. Lissette works a 2nd job at Blanco. I speak from experience when I say the Coconut Tequila is fantastic. Almost as good as the service!)


Why you chose to call Duke your home:

Brent: Great looking building in a great neighbourhood

Lissette: Awesome neighbourhood and AMAZING price point per square foot


How you heard about us:

Brent: From our great signs

Lissette: From her great husband 🙂


Your favorite thing about your new home:

Brent: Open concept and NEW everything

Lissette: Floorplan, walk-in closets, the optional air condition…… actually everything when I come to think about it!!


Favorite kind of cheese:

Brent: ALL…. Except blue!

Lissette: Brie, Gouda and actually all cheese as well..… except of course blue!


What is the coolest thing about you:

Brent: Huge beer nerd. Studied for the Cicero beer exam.  Also does recreational MMA fight training.

Lissette: Speaks three languages and loves to snowboard



Brent: Big Sexy

Lissette: Setty


Weirdest thing you have ever eaten:

Brent: Sea Cucumber – Does NOT recommend it

Lissette: Sea urchin… you eat the slimy insides of the spiky ball.


Most embarrassing moment:

Brent- “T-Bagging” my friend at a Superbowl party… in a restaurant…. With about a million people watching. (my wife was not very impressed)

Lissette: Walking into a glass wall at The Mirage in Vegas. (it was Vegas, so enough said)


Most triumphant moment:

Brent: Marrying the love of my life is first, then buying my second property.

Lissette: Happily feels the exact same way.


If you could have any super power what would it be:

  • Brent: Psychic powers, ESP, for sure!
  • Lissette: Time travel


Summarize your experience at Duke:

From our first time through the doors Nik was so great in helping us purchase our second property. He explained everything thoroughly without the BS. Everything went very smoothly. We are very impressed with Avi Urban and have already recommended Duke to others. Thank you!!