Duke at Mission: Construction Update

When it comes to breaking stuff, I’m pretty good at it (not to brag or anything.) However, there aren’t a lot of things I like to break. You know those usual pesky things like your phone, a bone, dishes, your favorite CD, valuables and of course, habits.

But there is one thing that excites me when it breaks, and that’s the ground! It’s pretty fun to stick a shovel in the ground and break that seal and know that in a bit of time, we are all one step closer to a beautiful development that blossomed right out of the broken spot.

Duke at Mission has officially broken ground! You know what that means… you’re one broken thing closer to a brand new and beautifully built home (where you can break your own stuff).

Things are moving right along here at Duke at Mission and it’s worth checkin’ out.

Come down to see us so we can show you just how quirky and cool it would be to live in the heart of Mission.

Until next time,

Jamie @ Duke