Duke at Mission: Construction Update

Hi all!

Now that Stampede has ended I know it feels like there is a lot less excitement going around in our city.

But don’t you worry, there is still plenty to be excited about if you just step outside and see! Construction progress in Duke at Mission is on the top of my list for exciting things. We know that finding a home with the convenience of both amenities and style isn’t always easy, but combine a lavish lifestyle with easily accessible convenience.  Duke at Mission meets those needs in the heart of the sought after community of Mission.

Duke at Mission is moving along quite nicely with grading of the parkade happening over the week of July 18th. Grading is crucial when building a parkade as it is the key to avoiding flooding. Water run off is of the utmost importance when it comes to new builds to make sure water drains away from the building and not back into it.

Once the slab grading is complete, the site team will be leading into the start of initial plumbing installations and rough ins. After plumbing install is complete, construction will move ahead with the installation of the ramp that leads in and out of the parkade for easy access for vehicles!

This coming week (July 25th) we expect the columns to start being poured in the parkade to provide that stability we need to keep going!

This time around Duke at Mission looks pretty alright to me! Now that you have some free time, come down and take a peek for yourself.

Until next time,

Jamie @ Duke