Duke at Mission: February construction update

Since our last update we’ve had a lot of action on the Duke at Mission site. The building is really starting to come together and it looks great!

In the parkade we’re just finishing up the mechanical rough-ins, the framing of the building is complete with all but a few windows left to be installed, water proofing on the roof is done and the brick work and exterior planters have started.

Here’s a floor by floor update on the building interiors:

1st floor – Electrical and plumbing rough-ins are complete and we are waiting on the city inspections to start insulation

2nd floor — Our electrical and plumbing rough-ins are complete, next we will be pouring the Gyp-Crete layer on the floor and then insulation

3rd floor – Electrical rough-ins have started and we’re finishing up with the plumbing rough-ins

4th floor – Plumbing rough-ins have just finished waiting on electrical to start

Stay tuned for next month’s update and be sure to contact me to set up an appointment to check out our remaining floorplans.