Duke at Mission: Hit the patios, spring came early


With the sun shining and temperatures pushing double digits, the early spring has gifted us with something we Calgarians hold very near and dear to our hearts: patio season. We have been patiently waiting all winter but now it is finally time to head outside. Hooray!

We all need our sunshine and vitamin D, right? So, we may as well enjoy some delish eats and bevvies at the same time! To help you out, we round up a list of restaurants and pubs that have opened their patios early this year.

National, 550 17 Avenue S.W., 403.229.0226, ntnl.ca
Ship and Anchor, 534 17 Avenue S.W., 403.245.3333, shipandanchor.com
Starbucks, 2219 4 Street S.W., 403.229.3008, starbucks.ca
Purple Perk, 2212 4 Street S.W., 403.244.1300, purpleperk.com
Phil & Sebastian, 2207 4 Street S.W., 403.245.1111, philsebastian.com
Local 510, 510 17 Avenue S.W., 403.229.4036, localtavern.ca

And, while we definitely appreciate the great weather, we haven’t forgotten we still live in Alberta so *knock on wood* hopefully it lasts! Don’t miss your chance, get out there while you can and enjoy some February patio fun!

Erin @ Duke

Photo credits: Flickr (Heath Cajandig, Taylor and Kevin, Mr.TinDC)