Duke at Mission: In the community

Just when we thought 17th ave. had enough cool spots to hang out in, a hot new brewery opened up next door!  We’re so thrilled about our new neighbour, Mill Street Brewery, located at 219 17th Ave SW. That’s just a hop, skip and jump away from Duke at Mission!

With autumn in full swing, you need to head over to Mill Street Brew Pub and pick up a growler of their craft beer, or try out a sleeve of their seasonal brews.

I figured I’d help you out and  give you the low down on a few beers worth sampling:

The original lager – A light weighted hoppy beer with a delicate bitterness

Cobblestone brew – Malty with a hint of walnut and sweet chocolate finish

Lemon tea beer – Sweet malt meats lemony tea, the fresh and vibrant citrus hits you mid sip

Imperial Ginger Cat – Think sweet heat balanced with orange and ginger

It’s incredibly convenient living this close to such a happening pub at Duke at Mission.

Don’t forget to pop in and visit us when you’re down there. Who knows- maybe we can join you for a pint!

Until next time,

Jamie @ Duke


Photo Creds:
Thomas Hawk
Tom Bridge