Duke at Mission: No car? No problem!

What’s the best part about living in a community like Mission? You don’t need a car to get around! With a walk score of 88, a transit score of 77 and a bike score of 100, you can save the money you’d be spending on a costly car and put it towards livin’ it up in the big city!

Duke at Mission is nestled right in the heart of downtown, just off 17th Avenue. Couple the development’s location with proximity to shops, restaurants and grocery stores, and you won’t find any reason to leave the community.  In fact, there’s so much to do that we’ve created an entire lifestyle package for our homeowners who opt for the car-free way of life. This way, when you actually need a different mode of transportation to get around you have it. The package includes credits with Uber, car2go, Bike Bike and Visa!

So how will this lifestyle package benefit you?

Car2Go – With car2go, you get the convenience of on-the-spot mobility without the costly responsibility of car ownership. You may not need us all the time – but when you do, having the ability to hop in and drive is a lifesaver. Sign up now and receive a $10 credit towards your travels.

Uber – Whether you’re headed to work, the airport, or out on the town, Uber connects you with a reliable ride in minutes. One tap and a car comes directly to you. Your driver knows exactly where to go. And payment is completely cashless. To learn more check out their website!

 Bike Bike – There’s a new bike shop in town and it’s taking Calgary by storm. Bike Bike features bicycles, services, and products that are specific to everyday cycling, bicycle commuting, running errands, exploring your community, or exploring the city. The vast collection of cargo bikes are complimented by classic European city bikes, commuting bikes, adventure bikes, and child hauling options – with a large selection of baskets, bags, locks, and practical accessories to suit your bicycle lifestyle. And with the new bike lane, cycling through the core is a breeze!
Visa – Still need a bus or LRT pass? As part of the lifestyle package you’ll receive a Visa gift card, so you’re not out of pocket to pay for the added expense.
Sounds like we thought of everything!
For more information contact us at 403-536-7294 or send an email to duke@homesbyavi.com.
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