Duke at Mission: Stampede Snacks

Have you ever been at the Calgary Stampede and realized that you indulged a little too much?
Maybe for you it’s spinning around like crazy on the rides or spinning in your partners arms under a tent. Maybe it’s enjoying a show at the Coca Cola stage or a cold drink at the rodeo.

Well, I know one thing that we all indulge in a little too much in.. Stampede midway food.  I am sure this year will be no different with all of the crazy food you can try!

For you savoury fans, you know that one crowd favourite – corn dogs. How about amping it up?  Think deep fried pickles (YUM) and a Stampede corn dog coming together to make one of the newest midway foods – The big pickle dog!

Maybe you like sweet and salty? How about fruit and grilled cheese? Maybe a bit adventurous for me but at Stampede you can try that too, with the fruit infused grilled cheese!

And if you just like plain ol’ sweet – then the PBO Stack is for you. Peanut butter cups, Oreos and deep fried. What’s not to like?

Sounds like a lot to indulge in, doesn’t it? You know what could make it so much easier? Living a short walk away from the grounds so you can stumble home with your full tummy.

Duke at Mission is on the corner of 18th avenue and Centre Street SW. The Stampede grounds are a 10 minute walk from there. It could not be easier to indulge in future Stampede shenanigans if Duke at Mission was your home base.

Hope to see you all wander into our sales centre on your way to the grounds this year.

Until next time,

Jamie @ Duke

Photo cred to:
Flickr: s.yume (photo of stampede grounds)
Flickr: Paul Pacheco-Vega (deep fired stand)