Duke at Mission: The Ability to Stop Time

Do you ever wish you could remember a moment forever? I know I do.

Here in Duke at Mission,  we also know how important it is to savour memories.

In two weeks time we are burying our very own homeowner time capsule. This momentum of our beautiful building will be uncovered years down the road with memories from homeowners, local businesses and the trades and sales people who worked on the development.

That means you, yes YOU, only have two weeks to come down and drop something in the time capsule. Think of anything you have at home that might be cool to see in 25 years or perhaps something that may not seem valuable now but could mean so much to someone who may be living at Duke in 25 years.

We have all kinds of neat stuff so far: business cards from the local shops, music lists from what’s popular at current radio stations, homeowner souvenirs and even some things that can be enjoyed at a celebration!

I’ve dropped something in the time capsule and I hope you will too.

Come down and see me at 202, 17th Ave SW to leave a little piece of you inDuke at Mission.

Until next time,

Jamie @ Duke