Duke at Mission: Winterpalooza Bike Festival

What has two wheels and a smile? This girl! One of the awesome perks about living inner-city is that it is extremely bike-able. For me, part of the downtown lifestyle means being able to experience life in the moment. That means being able to scoot out the door at the drop of a hat when my friend texts “meet me at the Ship in ten for a pint” or “bocce ball tonight at Central Memorial Park.” In those moments, I don’t want to have to worry about driving or parking (especially if I am going to be drinking!), I just want to get out there and have fun.

That’s where my bike comes in. I absolutely live on my bike. Over the past few years cycle culture has boomed in Calgary, encouraged along, not surprisingly, by the addition of the downtown cycle-track. Now, getting from one end of downtown to the other (and everywhere in between) is a breeze (not to mention much safer!). And, with our mild Calgary weather, I have been able to continue biking through most of the winter.

Queue Winterpalooza! In celebration, Cyclepalooza has organized a winter biking festival full of fun and zany events! The festival runs February 10-14 and has cool events like bike scavenger hunts, a Chinese New Year bike ride (where you can drive a lantern bike!), outdoor coffee meetups, bike maintenance classes, and the aptly named “polar run” where participants are invited for a “quick ride around the block in your bare/bear essentials” – oh my!

Also, in friendly competition with other Canadian cities, Calgary is hosting the 4th annual Winter Bike to Work Day this Friday, February 12. Calgary is currently sitting among the top 10; let’s get to number 1! And, really, with the weather we are having this week… do we have any excuse not to? Don’t forget to commit to ride online at winterbiketoworkday.org.

The full calendar of Winterpalooza events can be found on the Cyclepalooza website, so ditch the car this week and get out there and have some fun!Winterpalooza Bike Festival 8

Erin @ Duke

Photo credits: Flickr (Nadya Peek, Michael Mandiberg, jenny downing, Sarah Nichols), Cyclepalooza