Duke at Mission: Eat healthy and keep your taste buds happy

Earlier this week we shared some of our favorite New Year’s resolutions, and some helpful Mission resources to help you achieve your goals. If a healthier diet is on your list of 2016 improvements, finding food you enjoy while still eating healthy can mean the difference between success and failure. To help you out, we picked a few of our favourite spots and some creative ideas to keep you on track!

Suzette Bistro

You might not think of crepes as health food, but Suzette uses buckwheat in their crepes which is high in fibre, contains more protein than grains, is an excellent source of magnesium, and is a rich supply of phytochemicals that protect against disease by acting as antioxidants. And, in addition to all the health benefits, it can fill you up faster and suppress your appetite, making it a great tool for weight loss. Wow! Talk about superfood!
Our pick: Végétarienne – root vegetable & mixed green fricassée

Sassi Kitchen & Bar

Salads, salads, salads can sometimes get boring when we are dieting, but Sassi has a great selection of delicious salads that are anything but boring. Of course, we all know salads can sometimes be a diet trap as far as calories go. Quick tips: Ask for half the dressing or dressing on the side (and use sparingly), avoid nuts or croutons and, if you prefer cheese, look for cottage cheese, feta cheese and edam; goats cheese, cheddar cheese and parmesan all contain a higher proportion of fat. Moderation is key, so don’t feel like you have to cut all the good stuff, just be selective!
Our pick: Caprese Salad

Hana Sushi

Sushi is very healthy, if you make the right choices. For example, opt for sashimi (pieces of raw fish without rice) over maki sushi, which has the fish rolled into rice and seaweed. If you do choose rice rolls, try veggie rolls or at least stay away from rolls containing deep fried items, mayo or cream cheese. And be careful not to overeat! Six rolls is the recommended individual serving size.
Our pick: Tuna & salmon sashimi

We know there are lots of other great options out there, so if you have a favourite hot spot we missed, let us know! Variety is the spice of life and we love trying new things!

Erin @ Duke

Photo credits: Flickr (Alpha, Ralph Daily), Instagram (Suzette Bistro)