Edison at Walden- 5 Simple Steps to Purchasing Your New Home

Purchasing a new home should be exciting and fun! That’s why here at Edison your New Calgary Townhome, Todd and I will be sure to guide you through and make this an enjoyable experience!

Once you’ve come in, checked us out and fallen in love with one of our fantastic floorplans, then below are 5 easy steps to get you started:

1. Place a hold on the home you would like to purchase:

a. Complete a reservation form with your Sales Representative.

b. Provide a $1,000 cheque to hold your home for approximately 3 days (NOTE: this cheque will NOT be cashed until contract is firm).

c. Make an appointent to write the contract.

2. Until Contract Appointment:

a. Speak to your mortgage broker or bank about mortgage approval if required.

b. Compile a list of questions you may have.

3. At Signing of Contract:

a. We will review the standard specifications as well as possible options and upgrades.

b.You’ll be given the Edison Disclosure Binder at this time to review a copy of the contract, budget, bylaws etc.

c. Make second appointment to meet in order to firm the contract (usually 7-10 days after the first signing).

4. Until Second Appointment:

a. Have your mortgage broker or bank email/fax a copy of the Mortgage Approval Letter to your Sales Representative.

b. Continue to read over the Edison Disclosure Binder.

5. At Second Appointment:

a. Ensure your Sales Representative has a copy of your Mortgage Approval Letter.

b. Provide the balance of the 5% down payment (less the $1,000 deposit cheque), 10% down if it is a cash sale.

See it’s almost easy as 1,2,3! If you have anymore questions about our process or this awesome development give us a call at (403)536-7236.

Melissa @Edison