Edison At Walden: Bringing more variety to your palate

Your sales team here at Edison are getting to know the neighborhood, and find out all the great spots for you to enjoy after you move into your New Calgary Townhome. Exploring out of Walden and into Lake Chaparral the community across the way, we came across a little gem not more then a 5 min drive.

For those of you who love fish especially sushi, Itoko Sushi is the place to try! Some of the cheapest prices and decent portions I’ve ever seen, I was pleasantly surprised. Todd and myself tried the California Rolls, Tuna and Salmon Sushi and my favorite the Rainbow Rolls. We ordered it for take-out so can’t really critique service but it was quick and they were friendly.

Located at 115, 10 Chaparral Drive SE and open 7 days a week, also during lunch (except for Tuesdays) you can enjoy sushi close to home almost anytime! Have you tried Itoko sushi? What did you try? Todd and I plan on going there again and would love some suggestions!

Melissa @Edison