Edison At Walden: Buyer Profile

At Edison, we are all about getting to know your community and what completes that community but your neighbors! Meet you newest guy on the block, Tanner. Easy going with a great sense of humor this is one enjoyable neighbor to have!

  • Name: Tanner W
  • Occupation: Project cost co-ordinator
  • New owner of: Saffron

Why you chose to call Edison home?

Definitely a big part was the design of these. Very aesthetically pleasing.

Your favorite thing about your new home?

The 2 car tandem garage. I have a place for the toys to sleep.

Favorite kind of cheese?

Gorgonzola- I’ve only had it once, in risotto, but it was awesome.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

The ability to teleport- I’d probably rob a bank first, so I would have money to do stuff!

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Shark fin soup- (pause) I know I feel bad.

Most embarrassing moment?

A lady I work with emailed the accounting group asking for some help with a problem she was having. I thought I would look like a hero if I responded in front of the whole group with the right answer; however, the solution I offered to her problem was apparently very wrong. I quickly received about 8 emails from different people, addressed to the whole group, saying my solution was causing more problems than it was fixing. Two of my bosses was CC’d on all these emails.

I was shamed 8 times over. To date, I have not been asked to help this lady out.

Starbucks or Tim’s??

Tim’s all the way! Lg Coffee with 1 milk.

Thanks for being such a great sport Tanner! With neighbors like this you won’t want to miss out on these New Calgary Townhomes!

Melissa @Edison