Edison At Walden- Buyer profile

When you buy a home it’s not always just about the product but about who’s around you. Here in your New Calgary Townhome it’s becoming a community of awesome people. The newest couple to join our crew here at Edison, are fun, energetic and just all around funky. With a flare for creativity and the arts these two definitely keep me inspired!

Name: Marta & Manuel T

Occupation: Owners of Swank Media

New Owner of: Auburn

Why you chose to call Edison your home?

We loved the curb appeal. It caught our eye because it wasn’t cookie cutter. Prices were great for what you get.. Oh and the sales team was super awesome!

Your Favorite thing about your new home?

The layout of our unit, with the kitchen in the middle. The front door, we got to choose the color turquoise. We love the tandem garage. Ok everything is pretty much our favorite!

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Marta- To be able to fly. Then I could go anywhere and skip traffic.

Manuel- To have mind control. Think about it.. you could control everything.

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Marta- Czernina (blood soup) it’s a polish soup usually made out of duck’s blood.

Manuel- Blood orange.. Ha

If you won the lottery tomorrow what would be the first three things you’d do?

1. Pay off all debt

2. Crazy Euro trip

3. Invest in Avi stocks!!

Starbucks or Tim’s?

Marta- Tim’s. Peach drink

Manuel- Tim’s. Large steeped tea, 1 milk and 2 sugars.

Thanks for hanging out! It was fun to get to know you both a little more. Edison is definitely lucky to have great neighbors like you in this development!

Melissa @Edison