Edison At Walden- Buyer Profile

The community of Edison is coming together and forming a great crew of people! Our newest purchasers are awesome and very excited about their new Calgary townhome and we don’t blame them!


Name: Clint and Todd

Occupation: Electrical Utility company & Royal Bank

New owner of: Carmine – 1381 sq feet


Why you chose to call Edison your home?

We are currently in Shawnessy and so sticking to the south was our goal. Walden is a new area but is still close to a lot of great amenities with a shopping complex 2 min away. The layout and size is perfect definitely giving us more bang for our buck!

Your favorite thing about your new home?

There’s lots! Number one would have to be the windows. Having nice big windows on three sides of our unit gives us lots of light. The low maintenance is key for us as we want to travel a lot with no hassels. Having laundry on the third floor (no more lugging laundry to the basement!) and the ensuite bathroom with stand up shower!

 Favorite kind of cheese?

Todd- Provolone   Clint- Gouda

If you could have one super power what would it be?

Todd- To be able to teleport   Clint- I want to fly

 Weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

Todd- Kidney pie (he says with a disgusted look on his face!)

Clint- Dog biscuit.. Had a dog for years finally decided I needed to try one!

 Most embarrasing moment?

Todd- Running out of gas in the middle of an intersection during rush hour..

And finally, Starbucks OR Tim Hortons?

Todd- I don’t drink coffee but if I did- Starbucks   Clint- Tim’s


Congrats on your purchase Clint and Todd! You guys are so great and we are definitely excited for you to be a part of this rockin development!

Melissa @Edison